Search Party Launch Event


5 original immersive binaural soundscapes commissioned to support Punchdrunk International's one-time immersive  theatrical event celebrating the launch of the second season of TBS's Search Party. The soundscapes accompany one-on-one theatrical scenes performed by a single cast-member to a single audience member wearing noise-canceling headphones. 

  • Producing Agency: Civic Entertainment Group

  • Client: TBS Search Party

  • Creative Agency: Punch Drunk International

  • Creative Director: Hector Harkness

  • Associate Director: Elizabeth Romanski

  • Producer: Lauren Storr

  • Audio Sponsor: JBL

  • Production Management: Production Glue

  • Art Director: Claire Karoff

*Not for speaker playback. Please listen with headphones only for 3D binaural experience.