Stuck Elevator

Stuck Elevator tells the story of Guang, a Chinese food deliveryman struggling for freedom from debt, human smugglers, loud-mouthed coworkers, and the temptations of General Tso. Based on the true story of an undocumented immigrant who survived 81 hours in a Bronx elevator, this comic-rap-scrap-metal-music-theatre work follows Guang’s increasingly fantastic attempts to escape a 4′ by 6′ by 8′ metal box.

at New York Theatre Workshop's Dartmouth summer residency





Jeremy's work for Sojourner's consisted of diegetic "match cuts" that linked scenes of different environments to each other.  As the revolving set turns, music from a living room radio becomes muffled behind a wall and then to a distant car pulling away from a gas station. Alarm clocks morph to original bell rhythms inspired by the carnival music of Nigeria's Ibibio culture  and then to the pneumatic sounds of a gas station and so forth. 

Abasiama came to America with high hopes—for her arranged marriage and for her future—intent on earning a degree and returning to Nigeria. But when her husband is seduced by America, she must choose between the Nigerian and the American dream.