The Mysteries

An extravaganza with 48 playwrights and 54 actors retelling the entirety of The Bible in a single night. 50 World Premiere plays telling the entire History of Man’s Salvation from The Fall of Lucifer through and including Judgment Day.
Photo: Tara Pacheco

Photo: Tara Pacheco

Jeremy's most ambitious work with over 300 original sound cues, an 8' long steel thunder-sheet, "musique concréte" depictions of hell inspired by German industrial noise-rock, and collaborations with Music Director David Dabbon on floods, meteor storms, and more! 

Noah's Flood Transition. 

Underworld inspired by German industrial noise music. 

Meteor Storm Collaboration. Music by David Dabbon. Sound & patches by JSB. 

Moses Exodus transition. 

Into Garden of Eden.

Crucifixion Transition.

Lucifer Transition. 

  • Assistant Sound Design: Lee Kinney
  • By 48 playwrights including José Rivera, David Henry Hwang, Qui Nguyen,  Billy Porter, Jeff Whitty, CollaborationTown & more...
  • Directed by: Ed Iskandar 
  • Dramaturgy: Jill Rafson
  • Music: David Dabbon
  • Choreography: Chase Brock