Takes on Silence

Takes on Silence is a multi-media performance piece inspired by the Vitagraph Company of America, among the nation’s first silent film studios located in Midwood, Brooklyn from 1906-25.

For this piece, Jeremy was tasked with scoring a number of films which were integrated with action on stage. He used a combination of originally composed material and period "mashups" which seamlessly integrated various samples of historical film music. The show's musical theme "Vitagraph Girl" was published in 1910. Without access to an original recording, Jeremy referenced an archived score to arrange and fully produce a period reproduction of the song.

Combination of original musical material and sampled period music. 

•Developed by Nellie Perera

•Performed by Nellie Perera

•Directed by Amy Jensen

•Lighting: Burke Brown

•Videography: Arsenio Garcia

•Stage Management: Samia Fakih

•"Vitagraph Girl" Vocals: Ned Riseley