Love Suicide / Hikikomori

For this piece Jeremy worked on two intertwined pieces in separate spaces. Love Suicide, an Edo-period traditional Japanese play and Hikikomori, a contemporary devised piece about Japanese shut ins.  Jeremy wrote two original songs for "The Lollygaggers" a fictional girl pop band, and created interstitial cues generated from found traditional Japanese music, and worked with the actors to create live soundscapes featuring gongs, chant, and a percussion piece using traditional "geta" clogs. 

Produced by: NYU Tisch MFA prog.

Directed by: Dawn Saito & Jonathan Rosenberg

Lighting Design: Abby Hoke Brady & Jennifer Hill

Scenic Design: Yu-Ting Lin & Perrine Villemur

Costumes: Ilana Breitman & Nina Vartanian

Stage Management: Kristin Loughry & Emily Ballou