Cautionary Tail

First generation Chinese-Americans growing up in New York City, siblings Vivienne and Luke confront their confused tangle of family, their diverse array of friends, and their rampant sexuality. In our digital age, how can they navigate the traditional expectations of their mother with their American culture of individuality?

Example 1: Original music cue into the second act jungle setting accompanying a short dance\scenic transition. This material was generated by sampling obscure ethnomusicological field recordings and then rearranging and layering them to create a new piece. 

Example 2: An excerpt from an original music cue built from sampled iPhone interaction sounds to accompany movement into a "social media scene" choreographed by Laura Brandel. 

  • By: Christopher Oscar Peña
  • Director: Ben Kamine
  • Movement: Laura Brandel   
  • Costumes: Andrea Lauer
  • Lighting: Jon Cottle
  • Sets: David Meyer
  • Produced by The Flea Theater