On the edge of a reservation, on the edge of a river, she risks love and family to claim her heritage...
  • By Vickie Ramirez  
  • Director:   Richard Avan
  • Stage Manager: Liz Richards  
  • Costumes: Lux Haac
  • Lighting: Amanda Clegg Lyon
  • Set: Sarah Martin
  • Produced by Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group at The Pershing Square Signature Center. 
  • Sky Woman, a spiritual character, played by Soni Moreno. 

    Sky Woman, a spiritual character, played by Soni Moreno. 

     In Smoke, a play about contemporary Native American identity conflicts, sound was primarily tasked to aurally distinguish moments of supernatural intervention from normal earthly  existence. Such supernatural scenes were associated with two specific characters, each of whom were assigned a sonic theme. Following early research on Haudenosaunee theology and music,  these themes were carefully embedded and blended within river ambiences by using a custom convolution processing workflow. This technique allowed spiritual characters, their supernatural actions, and nature itself all to become one. 

    Act 1 ends in a large thunderstorm and building fire, an exciting opportunity to collaborate with lighting designer Amanda Clegg Lyon and set designer Sarah Martin.  For this effect, dedicated speakers were hidden behind a set piece made of acoustically transparent material. This was then lit to appear on fire, an effect made all the more believable by carefully sourced sound.