Balkan-Inspired Composition

 Jeremy draws from over fifteen years of experience with various forms of South-Eastern European folk music to inform new folk compositions.  These pieces remain a means of personal musical expression, while still closely adhering to the stylistic vocabulary of music from the Balkan region. Such pieces draw from years of exposure to both contemporary and historical recordings of Balkan, Klezmer, and Turkic musics. More recently, travel to the Balkans and Turkey has served to provide even further immersion into the region’s rich musical cultures and inspiration for Jeremy’s own music.   

tbilisi floor.jpg

 Jeremy writes music for his own accordion performances and often records parts on violin as well as a variety of string and wind folk instruments. In response to this unique skillset, Jeremy was commissioned to write and record two pieces for dancer Autumn Ward based upon specific structural requests and collaborative discussions about the desired character of the pieces. 


Jeremy Bloom

Brooklyn, NY, USA