Meeting Milo


So yesterday we met some Montenegrin students and I called one of them tonight to hang out with her and her friends. We went out to a cafe and chatted: it turns out her dad used to be in the Montegrin version of the CIA. . . She mentioned how Prime Minister Djukanovic (who we have been learning about in a rather negative light) likes to go out and dance to Turbofolk (chalga) music at night and we jokingly suggested that we should go find him. She didn't blink an eye and said sure. So we followed her around Podgorica to what seemed to be a very popular bar. Of course Milo Djukanovic wasn't there. . .

But she told us not to worry, he'd arrive in 30 minutes. And much to our amazment he did! Because her dad used to be in the Montenegrin intellegence service, she knew all Djukanovic's bodyguards and once he entered the bar she was able to convince them to let us meet him. They asked "They're American?" She replied yes.

"Do they have any weapons?" No.

"Ok, we'll trust you"